Pre-press proofing

Through the intelligent use of readily available calibration and proofing equipment we can avoid high overheads and offer a high quality yet economical service that fills a real need for graphic designers, illustrators and photographers alike. We provide a viable and real world alternative to the high prices of traditional pre-press and retouching houses.

Color and RGB proofing

RGB proofing is a way of establishing the color of a file once it has come from a photographer or artist so that you know wherever it’s used the color will always be perfect. Proofing frees the designer to make and use their own images without worry, thus reducing cost and unleashing their full creative potential.

CMYK proofing for Pre-press

All capture devices and screens are RGB as this has the widest gamut (see: 'gamut') but often images need to be output in CMYK as all printing presses are CMYK. As the CMYK color-space has a much narrower gamut than RGB what you see on screen or through a low cost printer will not show the true colors of your artwork. Proofing removes the risk that your files will not work as you conceived them.

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