Exhibition & Display printing

We can print anything. With an available printer width of 44 inches and a possible length of 90 feet as well as materials such as canvas, vinyl and Tyvek available it’s possible to create a wide range of presentation materials.

Canvas can be stretched, Tyvek and vinyl can be grommeted, Tyvek can even be sewn. Papers can be mounted on board and some can be ordered backed with self-adhesive. Making materials suitable for a wide range of exhibitions and presentation purposes.

Printing and Printmaking

We happily make prints for the artist or the commercial client alike. The equipment and objective is largely is the same and the commercial client even has a wider range of materials available to them as the need for archival substrates is not so great.

Tyvek banners printed for client Aparat

We do however make a distinction though between printing and printmaking. Printmakers assist artists in getting the most out of their prints, the difference is time and attention. We offer both services, we’re quite happy if the artist or designer knows exactly how to achieve the print they want and we’re here to help if they don’t.

For fine art and exhibition printing please check out our other website Skink Ink Fine Art Printing. To view some interesting projects we've been involved in like the dress made of Tyvek see our blog 'Interesting things'.

Email: services@digitalskink.com Phone: 917 536 8347