nd other spots that I frequent."

We color-corrected and printed a suite of 20 images on Hahnemühle photo-rag paper for a solo exhibition of fine art photographs by this excellent Brooklyn based photographer.

Copyright: Paul Raphaelson 2009

"I had never worked with a printmaker before, always being the type who spends weeks in the darkroom fussing over details no one will ever notice. But I didn't have facilities for color, and needed Philip's help. My fears of giving up control disappeared as soon as we met. It's not just that Philip knows what he's doing; he cares about making each print as good as it can be. There were at least a few times when I said, "I think that one's good enough," and he said, "I don't." Thanks to his eye and unreasonable standards, my show looked even better than it would have if I'd printed it myself."

—Paul Raphaelson

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